Labour law and immigration and visa issues

In the field of Labour law and immigration and visa issues we advise on
  • Support in visa issues (business and work visa)
  • Advice on work permits (including for "highly qulified specialists")
  • Advice on engagement of employees
  • Drafting and review of employment contracts
  • Drafting and review of internal documentation regarding issues of labour and organization
  • Representation in employment lawsuits
  • Support in the event of labour authority investigations
  • Advice on calculation and payment of salaries, bonuses, travel costs and holiday pay and the taxation of such payments
  • Dismissal of employees
  • Other labour and right of residence law issues
Virtually all employees who are not Russian citizens require a work visa and work permit to work in Russia. Thus, these issues have a huge relevance for companies that are active on the Russian market.

"Highly qualified specialists", i.e. employees with a yearly gross income of more than two million roubles, benefit from a relatively straightforward and easy procedure to obtain work permits. Such work permits are valid for 3 years. For western employees who earn less, the procedure is much more complicated and compliance with "quota" rules relating to the employment of foreign employees is necessary.

Russian labour and right of residence law are rather formalistic and companies have to comply with many rules that are essential for the business organisation.

Strict requirements govern the employment and dismissal of employees. If these conditions are not met, the decision to employ or dismiss an individual may be void. In general, Russian labour law – partly for historical reasons – affords strong protections for employees.