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For Western companies, the protection of their intellectual property on the Russian market is essential. Well before the product launch in Russia, it is advisable to research whether similar products are already subject to intellectual property rights. As a further step, brands, patents and licence agreements should be filed.

In Russia, enforcement of industrial property rights is sometimes challenging. It happens that filed patents or brands are filed ("again") with slight modifications by an unauthorized person that then claims a licence fee. In such circumstances it is possible to launch proceedings against the unauthorized person at the Chamber of Patent Disputes.

If a company present in Russia uses intellectual property rights without authorisation, a warning notice is usually an effective remedy. If the infringer pays no heed to the warning notice, it may be advisable to start court proceedings. The chances of success in such cases are typically good.

Licence agreements play an important role. Often Western companies cooperate with Russian partners, and they licence their protected brands and patents. It is important to note that not only should a licence agreement be concluded, but also this agreement should be filed with the Russian patent office.